Sunday, 15 January 2012

A beginner's mistake - The accidental slouch hat.

I didn't meant for it to happen. I'd learned how to crochet 42 hours prior to trying to make the hat pattern from the above YouTube video (credit for this video and original hat pattern goes to drkaiser1963). The only crochet hook I owned at the time was a H/5mm hook and the pattern called for a G/4mm hook. So by the time I was done, to my disappointment, the hat didn't exactly look like the one showed in the video. But I thought about it. And instead of buying the proper size hook and starting over again, I took 4 mm knitting needles that I had kicking around and knitted a rim instead. And that's how I made my first slouch hat. It was a happy accident!

For this first hat I used cream colored worsted Peruvian wool. It's very simple but I love the texture of the double stitch. I know, it's a very basic stitch. But the pattern's simplicity really works with the beautiful natural fiber.

This was my first crochet project (not sure that the granny square I made while learning the basics count as a project) and it was far from perfect. Besides the fact that I used the wrong hook size, I didn't know how to work the first stitch of every row. Fortunately, I got better with that.

It's a pretty sweet hat! A slouch hat with no pretension. I've made a few since making my first one.

For the purple slouch hat I used 4ply worsted acrylic yarn (Bernat SuperValue ™, color Damson). I don't knit the border anymore. I use a 4 mm crochet hook instead to make the brim.

The pattern bellow is pretty much the same hat pattern from the video, but with a larger size hook and a brim.

So here it goes, my accidental slouch hat:

With a H/5mm hook ch 6, or make magic ring.
row 1: ch 1, crochet 10 sc in ring. Sl st to first st of row.(10st)
row 2: ch 1, 2sc in each st. Sl st to first st of row.(20st)
row 3: ch 1, 2sc in each st. Sl st to first st of row.(40st)
row 4: ch 1, 2sc in each st. Sl st to first st of row.(80st)
row 5 to row 19: ch 2, dc in each st.  Sl st to first st of row. (80st)
row 20 to row 23: with G/4mm hook, ch 1 and sc in each st. Sl st to first st of row. (80sts)

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